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Becoming a Support Officer

 textEvery fall semester, the Honor Committee and its current pool of Support Officers conduct extensive interviews and evaluations to locate a talented new class of individuals who are eager to join Honor as Support Officers. Support officers help process and investigate cases, advise accused students and reporters, and conduct education and outreach --- all in support of the Community of Trust.

An Honor Information Sheet is AVAILABLE HERE to help you learn more about the System and to prepare you for the application process.

2018 Information Sessions

- Thursday August 30th / Monroe 110 / 5:00pm

- Sunday September 2nd / OHill Forum / 2:00pm

- Monday September 3rd / Gilmer 141 / 6:00pm

- Tuesday September 4th / Shannon 107 / 7:00pm

- Wednesday September 5th / Thornton D221 / 6:00pm

- Thursday September 6th / Calude Moore G120 / 4:00pm

- Friday September 7th / Newcomb Hall Trial Room (4th Floor) / 1:00pm

- Saturday September 8th / Minor Hall 130 / 2:00pm

If you are unable to make it to an information session, but are interested in becoming a Support Officer, please email Sally Greenberg (ssg7ym) before September 8th.



PHASE ONE: Expressing Interest

- Honor will be recruiting at events around Grounds. Information Sessions are being offered to help you learn more about Honor and the application process. The dates are listed above.

- All students who express interest in Honor will be sent an application questionnaire.

PHASE TWO: Application Questionnaire [Due before Sunday September 9th at 10:00PM]

- You will be sent a link to a short application questionnaire designed to collect important contact information, determine the level of your interest, and begin evaluating your compatibility with the role of Support Officer.

- The official online application questionnaire can be completed HERE at any time prior to the deadline.

- The application questionnaire will close on Sunday, September 9th at 10:00 pm. Late submissions will not be accepted. Notification for next round will be given by email during the following week. Please note that all questions are on the first page of the questionnaire. Do not click 'submit' until you are ready to submit your completed questionnaire.

- A downloadable PDF of the application questionnaire is available HERE for your review but you MUST complete the official online questionnaire in order to have your application considered. 

PHASE THREE: Interviews (Two Rounds)

- First Round Interview: Qualified applicants who have completed the questionnaire will be offered a First Round interview. This 20-30 minute interview is designed to evaluate your potential for a variety of roles within the Support Officer Pool. 

- Second Round Interview: After releasing some applicants from the selection process, a number of applicants will be invited to return for a Second Round interview. This 30-40 minute conversation will focus on your potential as an educational representative of Honor to the UVA community at large. The interview will also help us continue to get to know you as a person. 

PHASE FOUR: Position Offers and Training

- After a final release of additional applicants, Support Officer positions will be offered to selected students. The training for our new class of Support Officers will include ten evening training sessions held once per week throughout the remainder of the Fall Semester.


Additional details regarding this year's process will continue to be posted as they become available.

Feel free to email the Honor Committee's Support Officer Member at Large - Meghan Wingert - with any additional questions.