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Becoming a Support Officer


What We Do

Honor Support Officers (SOs) handle case processing and community education. There are three groups of SOs within Honor: Advisor, Investigator/Counsel, and Educator. 

  • Advisors serve as a completely confidential resource to help any person involved in the Honor process feel as comfortable and supported as possible. They provide information on honor processes, are present at investigative interviews and other meetings, and generally offer a listening ear to the people they work with. 

  • Investigators/Counsel handle two parts of the Honor process. Investigators impartially investigate Honor reports. If a case proceeds to a Hearing, Counsel help the accused student and the community prepare and present their case.

  • Educators give presentations and host events to help members of the community better understand the Honor Committee's mission and policies.


How To Join

There are three steps in the selections process:

(1) Application Quiz: A short quiz designed to assess familiarity with the contents of the Information Booklet (link), which contains general information about the Honor Committee and the Honor System. When you're ready to take the quiz, you can find it here; please do not open it until you are ready to complete it. The deadline for the application quiz has been extended to Tuesday, September 10 at 12 pm (noon).

(2) First Round Interview: A 20-30 minute interview designed to assess your knowledge of and passion for the Honor System, as well as how your skill-set applies to the support officer roles.

(3) Second Round Interview: A 30-40 minute interview designed to assess how your skill-set applies to the support officer pool for which you are interviewing, as well as get to know your thoughts and opinions on the Honor System.

If you aren’t able to attend an information session, please feel free to reach out to Schuyler Guare (e-mail:; cell: 804 937 7099) to get more information on support officers, Honor in general, and the selections process!

While the Honor Committee will select support officers without regard to age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, veteran status, and family medical or genetic information, diversity of perspectives and cultural competencies contribute to achieving the Honor Committee's mission and are valued in the support officer selection process.