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COVID-19 Response

In light of President Ryan's March 11th and March 17th announcements regarding the University's operational and academic changes, the Honor Committee has made a number of temporary changes to its operations to adhere to the University's recommendations and ensure that case processing and the transition to the 2020-21 Honor Committee term are handled effectively. A description of these changes is included below. The Committee plans to keep the University community updated with any further changes. In the meantime, please reach out to the Chair, Ryan Keane (, or submit an online inquiry with any questions.

April 12th Update:

Cases involving unpaid rent

Given recent developments of COVID-19 and concerns raised at the April 5th Honor Committee meeting, the Committee has decided to treat cases involving payment disputes differently for the forseeable future. The Executive Committee will review all reported cases and will drop any case that "concerns a missed payment obligation" where "COVID-19 and/or the University’s sudden closure caused or contributed to the failure to meet such payment obligation."

Case Processing

Case processing has resumed and is proceeding in a virtual format. Hearings are still on hold, but all cases are proceeding through the investigation phase.

Committee Transitions

The 2020-2021 committee is essentially fully transitioned and updated contact information is available under the Staff & Representatives tab.

Original Changes:

Online Classes

As the University transitions to online classes and course expectations and assignment formats change, the Committee is available to serve as a resource for students and faculty. The Committee encourages students to be proactive about asking for clarification on course honor policies. As always, if a student is ever unsure as to whether a certain action (i.e., use of outside resources, working with other students, etc.) on any given assignment or exam may be considered an Honor Offense, they should reach out to their professor and/or TA for clarification.

Case Processing

The Committee has temporarily suspended case processing. The Committee is still taking Honor reports, and will continue to do so. In the coming weeks, the Committee will transition all investigations online and resume case processing through Investigative Panel.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings will proceed as scheduled, but will be conducted via Zoom. If any community members are interested in observing a meeting, they should reach out to the Chair of the Honor Committee, Ryan Keane, at for a meeting link.

Committee Transitions

The transition to the 2020-21 Committee term was originally scheduled for April 5th. Given the extenuating circumstances, however, new Executive Committee elections have been postponed until the weekend of April 3rd, and the official transition to the 2020-21 Honor Committee will likely take place mid- to late-April.