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Diversity Initiative Grant 2018

Honor Diversity Initiative Grant

The Honor Committee is excited to reintroduce the Diversity Initiative Grant; an essay-based award
competition with the purpose of celebrating minority students who have made significant
contributions to the University community. This award is designed to increase the Honor System’s
engagement with minority students and build new relationships between Honor and different
minority communities around Grounds. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in expanding the
reach of Honor to their respective communities.
Eligibility and Responsibilities
1st, 2nd, or 3rd year students are eligible to apply for this award, with a preference given to students
with strong connections to communities that have traditionally been underrepresented within the
Honor System. Four winners will be selected to receive an award in the amount of $500.00. Winners
are expected to work alongside the Vice Chair for Community Relations of the Honor Committee
and the Community Relations and Diversity Advisory Committee to help bridge the gap between
Honor and their respective communities in the term to follow.
The Essay
Prompt: Honor is entering its 175th year of existence. The University at the time of its founding is
certainly much different from what it is today, and the Honor System was initially created to serve a
very specific demographic of students that made up the entire student body at that time. In your
opinion, how can the Honor Committee work to ensure the Honor System is benefitting your
particular community?
- Demonstrated knowledge of the Honor System, its purpose, and its ideals.
- Compelling description of the positive impact on one has had on their community
- Compelling description of how they can serve to connect Honor to their respective
- Structure and style
Please limit your response to 750 words. Responses should be emailed to no later
than 11:59 on Sunday, March 4th. Late submissions will not be reviewed.