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Honorable Mention

Aldona Ann :: October 27th, 2017

Hear what a fellow UVA Graduate School of Arts & Sciences student had to say about her:

"In both teaching and her interactions with her community, Aldona exceeds the standards of the Community of Trust. As a TA, she provides opportunities for her students to excel in the face of adversity, and creates a safe community where students feel comfortable sharing and diffusing hardships, eliminating space for complications within the community of trust. In Charlottesville, Aldona participates in holding city officials accountable and promoting city officials who best fit the honorable model of the University to help lead our city through these hard times."

TAs are a vital part of our Community of Trust, and we want to recognize all the hard work they do in and out of the classroom. Congratulations and thank you, Aldona!

The Honorable Mention is an initiative with the explicit purpose of expanding the meaning of honor at the University of Virginia. We believe that honor has a larger narrative than the expressed tenets to not lie, cheat, or steal, and we want to place the power in the hands of the students to define it. Nominate someone here.