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Honorable Mention

Meltem Yucel :: February 20, 2020

"As her research assistant, Meltem invests in my future and my learning experience. She sets an excellent example of commitment to honor, and provides me with countless opportunities to grow as a researcher. Through every phase of a study, she preaches transparency. This semester, I was fortunately awarded two research grants. Meltem stressed the importance of being honest with the different organizations and guided me through the process of informing each of the other grants. This honorable behavior was well-received by the organizations and well-respected by me. Meltem’s strong character makes me thankful to have her as a mentor."

-- Madeline Brence

Congratulations and thank you, Meltem!

The Honorable Mention is an initiative with the explicit purpose of expanding the meaning of honor at the University of Virginia. We believe that honor has a larger narrative than the expressed tenets to not lie, cheat, or steal, and we want to place the power in the hands of the students to define it. Nominate someone here.