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Popular Assembly 2019

The Honor Committee's biennial Popular Assembly provides an opportunity for the University community to receive updates on the Honor System and provide feedback to the Honor Committee. Here is this year's list of events:

Wednesday, November 6th
Curry School of Education Event: S’mores and Honor, 1-2 pm, Ruffner Hall First Floor Lobby
Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy Event: Field Day, 1-2 pm, Garden IX
Meet and Greet with Community Leaders, 4-6 pm, South Lawn

Thursday, November 7th
State of the Honor System Debate, 6-8 pm, Hotel C

Friday, November 8th
School of Architecture Event: Lunch on Honor, 12-1 pm, The Naug
Faculty Evening with Honor (by invitation), 6-8:30 pm, Garden Room

Sunday, November 9th
Open Invitation to the Meeting of the Committee, 8-9 pm, Newcomb Hall 480