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Standing Sub-Committees

The Honor Committee maintains several standing sub-committees:

The Executive Committee

Consists of the Chair and the four Vice Chairs, is responsible for the daily operations of the Honor Committee.

The Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

Serves as a liason between the faculty and the Committee. FAC is chaired by an elected Committee Representative and is made up of faculty members from across the University. If you are a faculty member and are interested in serving on FAC, please contact 2021-2022 Faculty Advisory Committee Chair AJ Cuddeback.

The Community Relations and Diversity Advisory Committee (CRDAC)

Advises the Honor Committee on its practices in regards to diversity. CRDAC is chaired by the Honor Committee Vice Chair for Community Relations, and is comprised of representatives from a wide range of student organizations. If you are interested in attending CRDAC meetings or would like more information, please contact Jack Stone, the Vice Chair for Community Relations. 

The Sub-Committee on Policies and Procedures

Exists to critically examine the common procedures and written by-laws of the Honor Committee in order to recommend changes when necessary. Past projects for this sub-committee have included reforms to recruitment rubrics and juror feedback forms and an analysis of the effectiveness of the Informed Retraction. If you are interested in learning more about the Policies and Procedures sub-committee, please contact the committee Chair Andy Chambers.