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Updated Honor Committee By-Laws Take Effect April 10, 2018

On April 10, 2018, any changes made to the By-Laws over the course of the previous year go into effect.  Most of the changes have been cosmetic, with a few substantive exceptions, most notably a greatly expanded articulation of "covered offenses" with respect to the Informed Retraction.  In the past, students were allowed to take an Informed Retraction for one single Honor Offense (or a series of "significantly similar" or "logically dependent" offenses, such as cheating on an exam and then lying on that same exam, or using the same unauthorized resource on multiple homework assignments in the same course, etc.).  

Now, a student may take an Informed Retraction for any number of offenses that he or she has been reported for, plus any other unreported offenses which the reported student wishes to voluntarily admit.  As was the case in the past, the student must make amends with any affected parties with respect to any and all offenses that the student wishes to be covered by the Informed Retraction.

Under the new By-Laws, every UVA student is still limited to one Informed Retraction during his or her time at the University; if he or she is reported for an Honor offense in the future (that was not covered in the original Informed Retraction), the case will be adjudicated appropriately.

If you have any questions at all about this new, expanded conception of the Informed Retraction, please contact your Honor Representative, or Evan Pivonka, the Special Assistant to the Honor Committee.

You can read the updated By-Laws here.