P2P Discussion Questions

  • Can you share an experience from your home country related to academic integrity that's different from what you've encountered here? How do you feel about these differences?

  • What cultural values or norms do you believe influence how academic integrity is perceived in your home country, and how does that compare to the expectations here?

  • Share a situation where you felt it was challenging to maintain academic integrity and how you resolved it. What did you learn from that experience?

  • Discuss any misconceptions or misunderstandings you or your mentee may have had regarding academic integrity, and how you clarified them.

  • Reflect on the importance of ethical behavior in academia and how it contributes to personal and academic growth. What are your goals related to academic integrity?

  • Discuss any specific challenges or pressures that international students may face when it comes to academic integrity, and how mentor-mentee pairs can address and navigate these challenges.