Apply to be a Support Officer

Honor will be running a Support Officer application cycle in Spring 2024. The application is OPEN and will be due Friday, February 9th at 11:59 p.m. The application includes a short information quiz about Honor, so we recommend using this handbook to prepare. 

Join the Spring 2024 interested candidate listserv here to be reminded about information sessions and application deadlines.

Joining Honor Information Sessions + Q&A

Interested in getting involved in Honor? This time of the spring semester is the perfect chance: The Honor Committee is currently accepting applications for Support Officers, and election registration for school Representatives is also open. Join current SOs and Reps. to learn more about these roles, with free pizza! 

Friday, February 2nd, 4:00-5:00 pm | Newcomb Hall 480
Monday, February 5th, 5:00-6:00 pm | Newcomb Hall 480

The Selections & Recruitment (S&R) subcommittee organizes the support officer application/interview process. Each year, the Committee reviews over 150 applications for students who are interested in joining Honor in the following 3 pools:


Honor proceedings can be difficult and trying for the parties involved. Advisors can help alleviate some of the pressures and anxieties that may accompany Honor proceedings. The responsibilities of Advisors are to provide students who are the subject of Honor proceedings, to provide relevant members of the Community, if applicable, with confidential, emotional support, and to provide the parties to whom they are assigned with neutral and impartial information about the Honor process.


In a system premised on the principle of honor, the procedures of the Committee should be guided by the critical goal of pursuing the truth. Counsel play a crucial role in attaining this goal. The responsibilities of Counsel are 1) to investigate thoroughly and impartially Reports of Alleged Honor Offenses; and 2) to assist, in a fair and balanced manner, in the presentation of the views of both the accused student and the Community, respectively, throughout the Honor process. Notwithstanding the availability of Honor Counsel to assist in presenting the views, arguments, and defenses of the accused student at the hearing (and later, if applicable, to assist the dismissed student on appeal), the primary responsibility for any Honor case lies with the student. Accordingly, the student is expected to take the principal role in explaining the student's own actions and formulating arguments or defenses at the hearing (and, if applicable, thereafter).


In a system premised on the principle of honor, it is important that the Honor Committee engage in efforts to educate the Community about the ideals and processes of the Honor System. The Responsibilities of Honor Educators are 1) to provide orientation and educational programs for the Community and 2) to be knowledgeable about the Committee’s policies (including those related to case processing) and initiatives and provide a factual, impartial description of the Honor System and appropriate answers to questions to members of the Community.