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Resolution on the Honor System

WHEREAS, the Rector and Visitors are responsible for "the government and management of the University" and invested with statutory authority to "regulate the government and discipline of the students" (Va. Code 23-76); and

WHEREAS, the Rector and Visitors have delegated to the University's Honor Committee, which is comprised of elected student representatives, the privilege and responsibility of administering and enforcing the Honor Code for the University of Virginia; and

WHEREAS, the Honor System has served the University well since 1842, and the Board of Visitors wishes to recognize with gratitude the exemplary dedication of the students comprising the Honor Committee over the years which has provided the necessary leadership in the service of Honor without reward or compensation; and

WHEREAS, the Rector and Visitors therefore wish to expressly reaffirm the authority of the Honor Committee to administer and enforce the Honor Code at the University of Virginia; and

WHEREAS, as a result of the continuing support and attention of the Board of Visitors for the student-governed Honor System, additional funding was provided for the hiring of both an Honor Advisor and a full-time Special Administrative Assistant dedicated exclusively to assisting the Honor Committee; and

WHEREAS, the Honor Committee recently formed a special commission to thoroughly evaluate the Honor System, which Commission consisted of current and former Honor Committee members, University administrators, professors and a member of the Board of Visitors, and the Commission's recommendations have received and will continue to receive the thoughtful consideration of the Honor Committee, the student body and the Rector and Visitors and others in the ongoing improvement of the Honor System at the University of Virginia for which the Board of Visitors also expresses its gratitude.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Rector and Visitors explicitly reaffirm authority of the Honor Committee to administer and enforce the Honor Code at the University of Virginia in accordance with the following prudent principles and practices:

  1. The Honor Committee shall each year in coordination with the Special Administrative Assistant, and in collaboration with the Honor Advisor and Office of the General Counsel, continue to provide appropriate training to its members and support officers on the requirements of law and procedure;
  2. The Honor Committee shall maintain and continue to publish written procedures affording notice and opportunity to accused students to be heard in accordance with due process of law, and consult with the Honor Advisor or Office of General Counsel in advance on revisions or additions to the published disciplinary procedures prior to adoption.
  3. The Honor Committee shall further continue to timely consult with the Honor Advisor or the Office of General Counsel as appropriate on grievances and appeals and any other legal matter affecting the administration or enforcement of the Honor System.

RESOLVED FURTHER, the delegation aforesaid shall remain subject at all times to the authority of the Rector and Visitors, as well as to the continued administrative support and assistance of the University President and the legal advice and guidance of the General Counsel who shall continue to report to and advise the Rector and Visitors on the affairs of the Honor Committee.