Contributory Health Impairment

The Honor Committee recognizes that a student may be affected by a health impairment which caused or significantly contributed to the commission of an Alleged Honor Offense (a Contributory Health Impairment) , and/or renders a student unable to understand the relevant Honor charges or to assist in their own defense (Lack of Capacity). 

As a fully student-run system, the Honor Committee works closely with the Office of the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer and other professionals in evaluating assertions of a CHI and/or LC. 

Aside from the Bylaws of the Honor Committee, separate procedures exist for the consideration of such claims. The Committee has established procedures for students who wish to claim a CHI or LC, which can be found as a Governing Document

If you are a student involved in an Honor case, please ask your assigned Honor Advisor if you have any questions regarding the CHI/LC process; your Advisor can facilitate interaction with appropriate parties. Additionally, questions regarding the CHI/LC process can be shared directly with the Chair of the Honor Committee ([email protected]) or Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Marsh Pattie ([email protected]).