Contributory Health Impairment

The Honor Committee recognizes that a student may be affected by a health impairment which caused or significantly contributed to the commission of an Alleged Honor Offense (a Contributory Health Impairment) , and/or renders a student unable to understand the relevant Honor charges or to assist in their own defense (Lack of Capacity). 

Despite being a fully student-run system, CHI proceedings are coordinated by the Office of the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer and other professionals.

Aside from the Bylaws of the Honor Committee, separate procedures exist for the consideration of such claims. The Committee has established procedures for students who wish to claim a CHI or LC, which can be found as a Governing Document

If you are a student involved in an Honor case, please ask your assigned Honor Advisor if you have any questions regarding the CHI/LC process; your Advisor can facilitate interaction with appropriate parties. Additionally, questions regarding the CHI/LC process can be shared directly with the Chair of the Honor Committee ([email protected]) or Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Marsh Pattie ([email protected]).